Phase 3. ACQUIRE

Acquisition In 8 Steps



Assent Acquisition.

Agree To A Price.


Your forthcoming acquisition will bring new heights of influence, distinction, authority, recognition, market position and commerce potential to You.


You do not pay or authorize payment until you sign up, configure and fund an escrow account (See Step 4) 

whereupon your funds are secured and held in trust by escrow service

i.e. your monies are NOT allocated until AFTER the domain name, and ownership thereof, 


whereupon you become the legal domain name Owner/Registrant (See Step 8)


Your Domain Acquisition Includes Complimentary Escrow Service

with the Global Leader in Escrow Solutions for Domain Name Acquisitions;

 You and Your Money Are Protected.



Get A Free Escrow Account

 Sign up free to Escrow Service. Escrow Service protects the You, the Buyer, by securing and holding your monies in trust; thereby assuring that the domain name for sale, and ownership thereof, is absolutely transferred to you. Otherwise your secured funds are NOT allocated and your monies are returned to the you via


Price of the domain name for sale

INCLUDES Standard Escrow Service Fee i.e.

Seller Pays Escrow's Fee Calculator



Engage in A Transaction

You Can Respond to Transaction Request OR Start A Transaction


The following information is required for Transactions via

Domain name (domain name for sale that you are acquiring)

Price (Price agreed upon via Negotiations)

Currency (EUR or USD)

Buyer's Email Address (Your Email Address)

Seller's Email Address Will be provided to you

Who Pays Escrow Fee? (Seller)

 That's It!



Email Addresses That Are Needed for Transaction via

The Buyer = You (or Your Authorized Broker or Representative)

"Buyer's Email Address" = Your Email Address (or Your Authorized Broker/Representative's Email Address)

 The Seller = Will be provided to you

"Seller's Email Address" = Will be provided to you


Respond To A Transaction Request

- Seller Can Start Transaction

- YOU (Buyer) Responds To A Transaction Request

- You Will Receive An Email From i.e. A Transaction Request From Seller

- Review The Transaction Request and Terms Thereof

- Accept Transaction and Terms  


Start A Transaction

- You, the Buyer, Can Start Transaction

- Seller Responds To Transaction Request

 - You Can Start A Transaction and Configure the Terms of the Transaction

via your Account

- Once Your Transaction Is Configured; Will Email Your Transaction Request To The Seller

- Seller Reviews Your Transaction Request and Terms Thereof

 - Seller Agrees To Transaction and Terms 



Secure Your Funds Via Escrow

Log In to your account.


Select A Payment Method


Submit payment to Escrow Service. 


Allow Escrow Team 1-3 Business Days To Fully Secure Your Funds.



Prepare For Domain Name Ownership Transfer

There are 3 Different Ways that Domain Name Ownership Can Be Transferred.

Familiarize yourself with these "Methods of Transfer"

i.e. Method A, B or C (see below).


You may specify a preferred Method of Transfer.


Current Domain Owner/Registrant i.e. "Seller"

ultimately has right to claim designation of Method of Transfer of Domain Ownership.


Method of Transfer



This Is a:

Domain Registrant/Ownership Transfer 

Domain Name Registrant/Ownership Transfer Time = Within Seconds 

1. Seller will indicate current Registrar and the current Registrar's web address.

2. Sign up for an free, private, self-configured domain account via the current domain Registrar

of the domain name for sale.

3. Provide Seller with your Registrar Account User Name and/or Email


including but not limited to Buyer's Email Address, Registrant Email Address and Email Address.

4.  "PUSH" of domain name shows up in your account within seconds.

5. You will then have full, exclusive access to your newly acquired domain name

and may choose to:

a. Stay with the current Registrar

 b. Transfer your newly acquired domain name to your Registrar of choice


Method of Transfer



This Is a:

Domain Registrant/Ownership Transfer 

Domain Name Registrant/Ownership Transfer Time = Within Seconds to A Couple Minutes

1. You are provided with a Registrar Username and Passcode via the current Registrar for the domain name. 

2. You log into the Registrar's website.

3. You will then have full exclusive access to domain name

and may choose to:

a. Change Password and/or Username 

b. "PUSH", yourself, to a self-configured existing account or a self-configured, newly created User Account at same, current Registrar

  c. Transfer to your Registrar of choice


Method of Transfer



This Is a:

Domain Registrant/Ownership Transfer 


Domain Registrar Transfer 

Domain Name Registrant/Ownership Transfer Time = Within Few to Several Hour(s) - 5 to 10 Days

Choose your Registrar.

You are provided with an TRANSFER AUTHORIZATION CODE.

Follow your Registrar's instructions for transfer.

 Registrar of choice MUST be an ICANN Accredited Registrar and fully support the gTLD (generic top level domain).



Domain Name Ownership Transfer Is Initiated.

Upon successfully securing your funds;

 "Seller" is instructed by Escrow Team

to transfer domain name, and ownership thereof, to You, the "Buyer".


Domain name, and ownership thereof, is transferred

to You, the Buyer, via designated Method of Transfer.


Domain Name Transfers Are Initiated During the Following Hours:

M - F

10am - 10pm PDT

1pm - 1am EST

5pm - 5am UTC


Domain Name Registrant/Ownership Transfer Time Varies; Depending on Method Of Transfer

Method A: PUSH = Within Seconds

Method B: USER NAME and PASSCODE = Within Minutes

 Method C: TRANSFER VIA AUTH CODE = Within Hour(s) - 5 - 10 Days



Accept Domain Name Ownership

You, the Buyer, accept transfer of domain name, and ownership thereof.


You confirm to that you have secured  full, exclusive access to your newly acquired domain name. 


Domain name transfer of ownership

 will be confirmed and verified

by all parties.


Buyer will be asked to formally agree to an initial Registrar and/or current Registrar if it so allows the following i.e. that allows Registrant configuration, reconfiguration and/or maintenance of Public WHOIS i.e. NOT Private; "redacted" WHOIS, notwithstanding.

 This is Not Required. This is Optional but, highly recommended for Buyer's protection

i.e. to be certain that ONLY Buyer is sent and ONLY Buyer receives the domain name i.e the ownership transfer.


If Buyer prefers to maintain Private WHOIS i.e. keep their Registrant contact information Private throughout entire acquisition process or requires a Stealth Acquisition; this can easily be arranged but, must be done PRIOR to agreement of terms.


Otherwise; it shall be a conclusive presumption and mandatory that Buyer will configure and maintain Public WHOIS i.e. NOT Private; "redacted" WHOIS, notwithstanding, for the time frame of the domain name registrant/ownership transfer - so as to prove evidentiary that the rightful new Registrant i.e. You, the Buyer - and only You, the Buyer - takes rightful possession and ownership of the domain name for sale.


Immediate confirmation to that you have received and accept the domain name - i.e. mark the domain name for sale as "Received" via your account - allows you to immediately reconfigure your newly acquired domain name Registrant Contacts i.e. Your Name, Etc. from Public to Private via your Registrar control panel, if you so desire. 


Otherwise a 24 hour Inspection Period will begin; whereupon you, the Buyer, shall be required to maintain Public WHOIS i.e. NOT Private for entire Inspection Period i.e. a full 24 hours during and/or after domain name transfer; "redacted" WHOIS, notwithstanding. escrow service and/or IES (Internet Escrow Service)  and/or International IES (International Internet Escrow Service) and Seller and You, the Buyer, and/or representative thereof

will observe and/or inspect the new domain name ownership data and/or updates

in the ICANN WHOIS database, the Registry WHOIS database and the Registrar WHOIS database(s).


Domain name, and access thereof,

will be be obtained and secured by you

via your private, self-configured Registrar account


to any monies being allocated out of escrow service

to Seller.


Become familiarized with and utilize the Registries and Registrars.

Relevant resources, URLs, web addresses will be provided to you.



Confirm That You Are The Registrant/Owner Of Your Newly Acquired Domain Name.

Release Your Secured Funds. escrow service allocates funds AFTER you have secured domain name.

It shall be conclusively obligatory for Buyer to communicate with the Escrow Team in a reasonable time frame; i.e. straight away, in a timely fashion or asap, regarding the successful transfer of domain name ownership. Once you, the Buyer, have secured your domain name i.e. have full, exclusive access to your newly acquired domain name, the final step is to log into your account and "mark the domain name as received".


LEARN MORE ABOUT ESROW is a global escrow service.


All Experts, Gurus, Geniuses and Wizards on the The Escrow Team are Brilliant. The level of support, knowledge, efficiency, positive energy and tech prowess delivered by this extraordinarily talented group is Stellar. escrow service ensures and delivers an optimum level of confidence and satisfaction in millions of domain name buyers.


Buyer may and is encouraged to communicate and interact directly with Team.


All monies are collected, managed and allocated by, the perfect partner for domain name acquisitions.


You, the Buyer, submits payment for domain name for sale securely and privately; directly to via your self-configured, private, free account. escrow service protects the Buyer by assuring that the domain name, and ownership thereof, is absolutely transferred. Otherwise funds are NOT allocated and monies are returned to the Buyer via escrow service fee is of unparalleled distinction - a mere 2% - 4% of the price of the domain name for sale.'s Payment Methods include Bank Wire, Paypal, Credit Cards, Money Order and Check.