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1.  Negotiate with Domain Guru



2.  Assent to fair price


3.  Sign up to Escrow.com escrow service 



4. Start transaction and/or Respond to Transaction Request.

Buyer pays escrow fee.

Use Fee Calculator


to determine total cost of domain name for sale

i.e. the price of the domain name for sale PLUS escrow fee.

 Submit payment to Escrow.com escrow service.


5.  Domain Guru transfers domain name, and ownership thereof, to you within 12 hours 

Method A:


Sign up for an account via the current Registrar of the Domain Name For Sale.

Provide Domain Guru with your Registrar Account User Name.

Domain Guru will "PUSH" domain into your account within seconds.


Method B:


Choose your Registrar.

Domain Guru will provide you with an TRANSFER AUTH CODE.

Follow your Registrar's instructions for transfer.


6.  You accept transfer of domain name, and ownership thereof, within the next 12 hours 

Domain name transfer of ownership

is completed within 24 hours

( "1 Day Inspection Period" ) 


will be confirmed and verified

by all parties.

Escrow.com escrow service and Domain Guru and You

will observe and/or inspect the new ownership data and/or updates

in the Registry and Registrar WHOIS databases


Domain Name, and access thereof,

will be be obtained and secured by you

via your private, self-configured Registrar account


to any monies being allocated out of Escrow.com escrow service

to Domain Guru.

Become familiarized with and utilize the Registries and Registrars.

Domain Guru will indicate relevant resources, URLs.


7.  Escrow.com escrow service allocates funds, upon your approval, to Domain Guru.


 Escrow.com is a global escrow service.


Escrow.com escrow service ensures and delivers an optimum level of confidence and satisfaction in millions of domain name buyers.


Escrow.com escrow service protects the buyer by assuring that the domain name, and ownership thereof, is absolutely transferred. Otherwise funds are NOT allocated and monies are returned to the Buyer via Escrow.com.


Buyer may and is encouraged to communicate and interact directly with Escrow.com escrow service.


All monies are collected, managed and allocated by Escrow.com, the perfect partner for domain name acquisitions.


Escrow.com escrow service is a mere 2% - 4% of the price of the domain name for sale.


Buyer pays escrow fee via Escrow.com.


Escrow.com's Payment Methods include Bank Wire, Paypal, Credit Cards, Money Order and Check.


Payment Plan is available.