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Escrow Services charges only a mere 3-5% of the price of the domain name for sale for their excellent, world class escrow service. 

*(The seller may agree to include the Escrow fee into the price of the domain name for sale). is a globally recognized, trusted escrow service.'s small fee ensures an optimum level of confidence in millions of domain name buyers - particularly first time buyers - when securing their domain name acquisition. protects the buyer by assuring that the domain name ownership is absolutely transferred - otherwise the seller does not get paid i.e. your money is returned to you via's Payment methods are Bank Wire; Check or Money Order, Paypal and some Credit cards.

They also offer a Payment Plan option.




15% of the price of the domain name for sale will be added to your total cost* for this very convenient "Buy It Now" option. 

*(The seller may agree to include the "Buy It Now" fee into the price of the domain name for sale).


This option allows you to pay for the domain name for sale in the same way you would pay for other online purchases - with a Credit Card via a website. In this case; you have the added confidence and security of Uniregistry's Secure Exchange System i.e. their secure, world recognized marketplace/website.


Uniregistry Market streamlines the process of completing domain name transactions and ownership transfer with their Secure Simultaneous Exchange (SSE) system. The transfer of domain names is INSTANT, SAFE and self-directed. In other words; domain name ownership is transferred to you - directly into your free, self-configured, password protected Uniregistry account.


Methods of payment include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners Club; Bank Wire and Paypal. 

Domain name ownership is transferred to you via your own free Uniregistry account IMMEDIATELY upon payment of domain name via Uniregistry Market.






= Direct from the current owner/registrant of the domain name

You can buy direct i.e. with no "middleman". Save time and money.

The domain name is "pushed"* to you via the registrar account, in SECONDS.


1. Free, self-configured, password protected account with the Registrar that the domain name is with (example Enom, Godaddy) = Created by and/or for you. You create your own secure password for your domain name account on the Registrar's secure website. 


2. Payment is made to us &/or the current domain name owner, for the domain name. Domain name registrant/owner verification can be confirmed via the Registry WHOIS database(s). Method of payment is Bank Wire.


3. Domain name ownership is transferred to you in seconds via a "push" from our account to yours via the Registrar.


*We maintain constant communication with you via email, text or voice during the "push" i.e. the transfer of domain name ownership to ensure you are comfortable, happy and satisfied. You will see the change in domain name ownership in real time via the Registry WHOIS database(s).