From Domain Name Owner/ Registrant

Save time and money. No additional fee. No waiting.

The domain name is "pushed" to you via the Registrar Account in SECONDS.


EASY AS 1,2,3


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Create free account

A free account with the Registrar that the domain name is registered with (for example, Godaddy, Enom, etc.) is created by you. It is self-configured and private. You will create your own secure password for your domain name account on the Registrar's secure website. 


Pay and hooray! 

Payment is made to the current domain name owner/registrant and ownership of domain name is transferred to you in seconds via a "push" from current domain name owner's account with Registrar to your newly created, password protected account with the same Registrar. 


= Current Registrant's Registrar Account  > TO > New Registrant's (Your) Registrar Account.

For Example:

= (Seller) William J. Anderson's Godaddy account TO (Buyer) Your Godaddy Account


Change in domain name ownership can be SEEN and CONFIRMED in real time via the domain name Registry's authoritative WHOIS database(s), including ICANN.



Method Of Payment

Bank Wire