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Securely Acquire Your Ultimate Domain Name, Quickly and Easily, With Your Credit Card


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 It takes only minutes to list any domain name for sale onto the Uniregistry Market.

Once this is done; you will be able to proceed with the following easy steps:  


1. Enter the full domain directly into your web browser's url window.


2. You will be redirected and/or prompted to a Uniregistry Market Landing Page where the domain name for sale will be listed for sale with a "Buy It Now" button. 


3. Follow the prompts to Sign up for a free account with Uniregistry and proceed to Uniregistry's Secure Checkout.


4. Pay for domain name Via Uniregistry Market; choosing any one of their many convenient payment options, including all Major Credit Cards.


5. Domain name, and ownership thereof, will appear in your Uniregistry account instantly. 

- You will be the proud new owner/registrant of the domain name!



Uniregistry's Methods Of Payment

Credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club;

Bank Wire, Paypal