Byproducts and Benefits




Why should I spend money to buy a Premium or Ultimate Domain Name?


Are there any natural byproducts that I may look forward to from my Ultimate Domain Name?


What do I get? 



Search Volume  = #1 BYPRODUCT and BENEFIT!


SEE: Exact Match and Good Match = Search Results and Search Volume



Type-In Traffic

= the traffic your website will get via the users that just typed in the domain name in the url address bar (because your domain name is a very obvious, exact match and/or easy to guess domain name)


Organic SEO 

= Unpaid, “natural” search results

= Puts you in a position to be on page 1 of relevant search results


Immediate Recognition of Inherent Brand

= Domain Name IS or can be the brand

= Memorable


Clear meaning of what your product or service is or does





What benefits can I expect from my Ultimate Domain Name?



Results for your business

= You will save money 

= You will make money


1: Advertising and Marketing Costs Go WAY Down and/or Become Unnecessary.

You will have no need nor desire to pay big money for expensive Pay Per Click i.e. paid SEO (google adwords); not to mention traditional advertising and marketing such as magazine, tv, etc.


You will SAVE a LOT of money


How much would you pay for a domain name that is so good that you no longer need to advertise or market your business/product/service? 


2. Branding Costs Go WAY Down and/or Branding Is No Longer Required

Traditional cost of branding is very high; not to mention, time consuming.

Now, your domain name, which can be acquired very quickly, IS your brand.


How much would you pay for a ready-made brand that you love - a brand that your target audience finds very appealing, memorable and trust worthy?


3: INSTANT Credibility & Authority. 

When your business/brand/website = shows up in the organic search results = you are perceived as having a very high degree of authority, authenticity and credibility

Your Ultimate Domain Name puts you in a position to be on page 1 of relevant search results 

- VS showing up on page 3,4,5 etc i.e. very far down in the search results

- VS paid results, which are not generally considered highly trustworthy

 = Everyone knows the top paid results are, indeed, paid for.

 = Google, itself, gives more value to organic SEO than paid SEO


If a domain name = Inherent Brand

= Authoritative

= Perceived as highly credible.


If a domain name = Category Killer, Category Competitor or Niche Defining

= Positions you and your business as Industry Leader

= Authoritative

= Perceived as highly credible.


Traditional avenues to credibility and authority involve years of existence in the marketplace and/or millions spent on branding and various advertsing and marketing.

= Save Time

= Save Money


How much would you pay for INSTANT credibility and authority in the marketplace? 


4. Resonates powerfully to end user as being relevant i.e. able to serve them immediately, appropriately and exactly.

Places you and/or your business/product/service directly in front of buyers that want your product or service

Users that visit your website site = will be looking for what you have and/or ready to buy what you have


How much would you pay to get customers that are looking to buy and/or are ready to buy now on to your website which offers them the exact product or service that they need now? 


5. "Brain Real Estate"

The attention span of the average human is 8 seconds. You and your business/website/brand/product/service MUST be memorable to secure a place in the mind of the consumer. The problem that your product or service solves for the consumer ought to be clear. Your Ultimate Domain Name can achieve this.


How much would you pay to have internet users - your potential customers - think of you and remember you?





The online marketplace expands every day. In order to compete and stand out; you must make a good first impression. Your domain name is that first impression. It must convey trust and authority - suggests relevancy i.e. able to serve the user appropriately - provide them the exact service or product they need now. 


Along with type-in traffic and organic search results; having the ultimate domain name allows you to easily attract users via social media.


You will have absolutely no need to allocate huge expenditures for ads, marketing or branding. 


Your domain name can essentially become your brand and, again, your type-in traffic and organic search results trumps any ad and renders any expenditures for advertising or marketing simply unnecessary.


Keep in mind; the byproducts and benefits of the ultimate domain name i.e. premium gTLD domain name are intrinsic. You can reap your rewards INSTANTLY; by virtue of simply using the domain name.


Catapult your business, website, brand; product or services to the highest level INSTANTLY.


Compete with Industry Leaders. BE an Industry Leader.


Reap benefits and profits the fast and smart way - Acquire the Ultimate Domain Name.


Make sure to always follow the rules of Google Webmaster Best Practices ( in the development of your Ultimate Domain Name.