How To Comparative Shop A Domain Name 

How To Comparative Shop A Domain Name, An Illustration

23 January 2016

Written By Alexandria Astoria Vale

Business Developer




Domain Name For Sale on this marketplace, DomainName.ForSale:

Bike.Boutique = $3,800. USD



How Do I "Comparative Shop" This Domain Name?



A. Determine what constitutes "comparative" or "comparable".

B. Look for Historical Sales Data.

C. Look for Current Sales Data.




"Comparable" in this case =

RE Historical Sales Data:

Domain names with the same word before the dot, i.e. "Bike" = Comparable

Domain names with an alternative word or synonym before the dot i.e. "Bicycle", "Cycle", etc. = Comparable

Domain names with the same word after the dot, i.e. "Boutique" = Comparable


RE Current Sales Data:

Domain names with the same word before the dot, i.e. "Bike" = Comparable


Are there any comparative domain names that have:

- sold in the past i.e. Historical Sales Data?

- on sale now on a domain name marketplace i.e. Current or Future (Projected) Sales Data?


If so, compare these prices with the asking price for the domain name that you are interested in.




Historical Sales Data


Look for Historical Sales Data On The Following Resources:


= 1 domain name has been sold with the word “Bike” before the dot  <<<

= = $5.000. USD on 28 January 2017


= No domain names with the word "Bikes", "Bicycle", "Bicycles", "Motorcycle", "Motorcycles", "Cycle", or "Cycles" before the dot have been sold yet <<


= 2 domain name have been sold with “Boutique” after the dot <<<

= = $7,874. USD on 13 May 2015  (

= = $7,000. USD on 05 January 2017  (


Average Price Of Comparable, Historical Domain Name Sales = $6,479. USD




Current or Future (Projected) Sales Data 


Look for Current Sales Data On All Domain Name Marketplaces:

Large Marketplace(s):

Uniregistry Market


Small Marketplace(s):




The best and fastest way to know if a domain name is for sale:

= simply type the domain name into your URL Window/Address Bar

= if it is, indeed, for sale; it will likely redirect to one of the domain name marketplaces or some type of landing page that states that it is for sale

= there may be a Price posted or a "Make Offer" button or a "Get Quote" form



a few domain names with the word “Bike” in front of the dot that are for sale + does not have a price publicly posted <<<


Bike.Expert (for sale on /

Bike.Exchange (for sale on /

Bike.Rentals (for sale on Domain.Boutique /


To find out the price of these comparable domain names without a publicly posted price 

= submit a Quote Request (via the Marketplace that the domain name is listed for sale on) and get a Price Quote

Then recalculate the average asking price


Average Price Of Comparable, Currently For Sale Domain Names (that do not have a publicly posted price) = Unknown USD


With the unknown calculations aside; the price of $3,800. USD for Bike.Boutique = seems fair and/or comparable so far

= Lower than Historical Sales Data

= UNKNOWN if on par / lower than / greater than Existing Sales Data of Currently For Sale Domain Names that do not have a publicly posted price