How To Get A Price Quote For A Domain Name For Sale

How To Get A Quote For A Domain Name For Sale

23 January 2016; Updated 04 June 2016

Written By Alexandria Astoria Vale

Business Developer




How Do I Get A Quote i.e. Learn How Much The Domain Name Owner Wants For The Domain Name?



1. Enter The Domain Name Into Your URL Window/ Address Bar

2. If the domain name is for sale; you will be redirected to a Domain Name Marketplace landing page where you will see a price listed and/or an option to Make An Offer and/or Submit A Quote Request.

3. To Submit A Quote Request; fill out the form on the landing page and/or "Get Quote" page . If you meet "Highest and Best Use"; ALWAYS mention it. You will get a better price.

4. You will get a response indicating the asking price of the domain name.


Here's what to expect during the process:

"Get Quote" Quick Guideline

Getting a Quote is pretty painless. 

You basically get an email or a phone call - i.e. some sort of response - explaining the potential  cost of acquisition; the actual proposed amount in USD or in your country's currency - and the "Why" - the reasons - the domain name is worth the amount proposed.


If any similar gTLDs have sold in the marketplace; this is likely considered, factored into the equation and pointed out to you.


Once the Quote - i.e. projected cost of acquisition - is revealed; negotiations can begin. 


Buyers usually want a lower price. The seller usually wants a higher price.


All kinds of factors can come into play here. If the seller wants to sell; the price is going to get lower and lower - because the Quote that you got = projected cost of acquisition = not actually a set in stone price.


If the buyer really wants to buy, has a good budget and feels confident he or she will recoup the cost of the domain name via the Valuation Indictors and Benefits; he or she will make what they deem to be a good, wise investment.


If the buyer wants the domain name; needs the domain name for her business but; does not want to or can't pay the projected cost of acquisition; he or she should counter-offer with at least 1/3rd i.e. 33.3% of the Quote. This is borderline reasonable and shows that you are serious and gives you a real opportunity to get the domain name for a lower price. Nothing is binding in the negotiation stage. So you have nothing to lose.


The seller or broker may counter-offer you back, but that doesn't mean anything unless you - the prospective buyer - want to stay in - i.e go up in price.


Here's an example of what might happen:


Quote = 3,300. USD

Counter-Offer from Prospective Buyer = 500. USD

Counter-Offer from Broker or Seller = 2,500 USD

Counter-Offer from Prospective Buyer = 600. USD

Counter-Offer from Broker or Seller = 2200 USD

Counter-Offer from Prospective Buyer = 750. USD

Response from Broker or Seller = "The seller of this domain name will not sell for less than 4 figures".

Response from Prospective Buyer = "OK So "4 figures" = 1,000. USD minimum?"

Response from Broker or Seller = "Correct, sort of."

Response from Prospective Buyer = "Hmmmm"....What do you mean "sort of?"

Response from Broker or Seller = "Well; you'd want to go just slightly higher than the bare minimum to make sure the seller says yes."

Response from Prospective Buyer = "Ok, so like "slightly higher"; for example 1,050. USD i.e. 50. USD higher ?"

Response from Broker or Seller = "Couple hundred would be ideal to secure a Yes."

Counter-Offer from Prospective Buyer = "I can do 1,100. USD That's it."

Response from Broker or Seller = "OK. I appreciate your compromise here. Deal. Congratulations."

Response from Prospective Buyer = "Thank You"......


Broker-seller = was very straight forward with the Prospective Buyer. In the end; the Buyer got the domain name for only 1/3 rd i.e. only 33% of the Price Quote. He got a good deal. I think the Seller was simply highly motivated to sell. The timing of the Prospective Buyer's inquiry and interest in the domain name was likely brilliant - I suspect the Buyer caught the Seller at a time when she really wanted and/or needed to make a domain name sale.


Here's another example of what might happen:


Quote = 10,000. USD

Counter-Offer from Prospective Buyer = 3,500. USD

Counter-Offer from Broker or Seller = 8,000 USD

Counter-Offer from Prospective Buyer = 3,750. USD

Counter-Offer from Broker or Seller = 7,000 USD

Counter-Offer from Prospective Buyer = 4,000. USD

Counter-Offer from Broker or Seller = 6,500 USD

Counter-Offer from Prospective Buyer = 4,200. USD

Counter-Offer from Broker or Seller = 6,000 USD "I don't think I can go any lower".

Counter-Offer from Prospective Buyer = 4,200. USD "This is as high as I can go".


Perspective buyer and broker-seller = Only 1800 USD apart. This domain name would get sold; probably for 5,000. USD. Even though both parties say they can't go higher and can't go lower; 1800 USD is likely not quite enough money to kill this deal - so to speak. The difference can be split, or almost split - Buyer goes up 800 USD (from 4200 USD to 5,000 USD); Broker or Seller goes down 1,000 USD (from 6,000 USD to 5,000 USD).


Here's, yet, another example of what might happen:


Quote = 22,500. USD

Response from Prospective Buyer = "That's crazy! Huh?"

Response from  Broker or Seller = I based the price on the Valuation Indicators and Benefits of the domain name; which are listed on the domain name's landing page.

Response from Prospective Buyer = "Yes. I saw this. I read them."

Response from  Broker or Seller = "OK. Do you agree or disagree with them? Or, based on the valuation indicators and benefits pointed out; do you think the domain name is worth LESS than 22,500. USD?"

Response from Prospective Buyer = "I don't know what it is 'worth'. I only know what I can pay."

Response from Broker or Seller = "What is that?"

Response from Prospective Buyer = "2,000 USD at the very most - tops - that's it!"

Response from Broker or Seller = "You can finance the domain name with 2,000 USD or less down."

Response from Prospective Buyer = "How does that work ? I do not want to commit to paying 22,500. USD even if it's over time."

Response from Broker or Seller = "I can lower the total buying price to 15,500. USD. You may start using the domain name immediately by putting a “down payment of, say, 1500. USD, on the domain name. Then we can work out payments to be structured over time - up to 1 year or 2 years - to suit you and/or your budget. Your can delay your  first payment a few months, as well, if you need to."

Response from Prospective Buyer = "So, price is 15,500. USD. 1500. USD down means I would owe14,000. but can pay that amount over 1 - 2 years?"

Response from  Broker or Seller = "Correct."

Response from Prospective Buyer = "How about 6,000. USD total?"

Response from  Broker or Seller = "To buy outright? Or finance i.e. make payments over time? Hey, I thought you could only go to 2,000 USD at the very most - tops? What happened? Did you find some money?"

Response from Prospective Buyer = "I wish I found some money! I was thinking 6,000 USD total with the financing option i.e. 1500 USD down and then owe 4500. USD over 1 or 2 yrs."

Response from Broker or Seller = "If you raise your down payment to 2,000 USD, (because this = amount you said was the most you have to spend right now); I could lower the total price to 12,500. So 2,000 USD down then owe 10,500 USD over 1 - 2 yrs."

Response from Prospective Buyer = "How much would my payments be?"

Response from Broker or Seller = "Well; 10,500. USD over 1 yr = approx. 875. mt. 10,500. USD over 2 yrs = approx. 437.50 mt. You can go over 3 - 4 years if you want to...

If you finance the domain name with; there is a fee. If you finance with us, there will be no fee, no interest."

Response from Prospective Buyer = "Hmmm."

Response from  Broker or Seller = "If you develop the domain name into a website, business and brand; I am confident that you will start making money. Do you agree?"

Response from Prospective Buyer = "Yes. This is the idea - to use the domain name as soon as possible to develop a website, business name and brand around the domain name."

Response from  Broker or Seller = "Brilliant. You can do this."

Response from Prospective Buyer = "OK. And I can start using the domain name straight away with just the down payment?"

Response from  Broker or Seller = "Yes. We will switch the name servers over you you i.e. whatever name servers or host you use. Also; we can redirect the domain name to an existing website and "mask" the domain name so users will see the new domain name in their browser."

Response from Prospective Buyer = "OK. I think I'm going to do it."

Response from  Broker or Seller = "Good decision. I am happy for you."


Perspective buyer and broker-seller = Communicated well with each other. Both compromised a lot. This buyer will likely build a successful business and brand around the domain name - which is why he needed and wanted the domain name to begin with. The Buyer is a good negotiator. He got a price that was 10,000 USD LESS than the asking price = about 45% off the asking price - (and only had to put down less than 25%). Luckily; the broker-seller was willing to work with the buyer and wanted him to be successful in his plans for the domain name.


Hmmmm...... I wonder if these "Mock Conversations" are based on "Real Conversations"?