How To Make An Offer On A Domain Name For Sale

How To Make An Offer On A Domain Name For Sale

23 January 2016; Updated 06 April 2017

Written By Alexandria Astoria Vale

Business Developer




How Do I Make An Offer On Domain Name For Sale?


How can I be sure that the domain name that I want is for sale?


Is there anything I can do to get the best possible price?



1. Enter The Domain Name Into Your URL Window/ Address Bar


2. If the domain name is for sale; you will be redirected to a Domain Name Marketplace landing page where you will see a price listed and/or an option to Make An Offer and/or Submit A Quote Request.


3. Many marketplaces have a form for you to fill out.


On this marketplace; to "Make Offer" or "Get Quote"; you can Email us directly, Call us, or Chat with us (when available).


If you meet "Highest and Best Use"; ALWAYS mention it. You will get a better price and be given more leeway with regard to your offer.


4. You may get any one of the following responses:

a. "Yes, your offer is accepted. Thank You. Please choose from our 3 Great Acquisition Options"...

b. "No, thank you. Your offer is far too low. Sorry"

c. "No, thank you. Your offer is far too high. You are offering WAY too much money! I could not possibly allow this!"

d. "Thank you. I appreciate your offer; would you consider this counter-offer....perhaps we could negotiate the price,... how about...."


Here's are some basic tips to keep in mind when making an offer on a domain name for sale:

"Make Offer" Quick Guideline

Don't be afraid to Make An Offer on a domain name for sale - on this marketplace or on any marketplace, for that matter - that you really would like to have or are highly suited for. You just might GET what you ask for.


All offers made for domain names for sale on this marketplace = Non-binding = No obligation = You can change your mind.


So; you have Zero to lose - and everything to gain - namely; the domain name that you want.


Be aware that once a domain name is sold - that's it - it's gone.


With regard to a few domain names for sale without a posted price ; any offer in the mid 3 figures i.e. minimum $500. USD = will probably be considered and/or accepted.


With regard to some domain names for sale without a posted price; any offer in the low 4 figures i.e. minimum $1,000. USD = will likely be considered and/or accepted.


With regard to other domain names without a price; any offer in the mid 4 figures i.e. minimum $5,000. USD = will, in all probability, be considered and/or accepted.


Use your own instincts and judgement regarding the value of the domain name for sale. You are smart! 

If the domain name for sale that you are interested in is listed on this website, DomainName.ForSale; take the time to Scroll Down the landing page of each domain name and Look at the Valuation Indicators and Benefits. This will help you calculate a fair price. 


The price of a an "exact match" domain name, a "category killer" domain name, a domain name with extremely high search volume may be upwards of 5 Figures USD .i.e. a $10,000. USD minimum negotiable price point. However; we pride ourselves on being open minded, willing to listen and ready for a friendly negotiation.


One of our main goals is to get the domain names into the hands and minds of businesses and individuals that will put the domain name to it's highest and best use. If this describes you; mention it - you'll get a lower price.