Ultimate Domain Name

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall; Which Is The Most Ultimate Domain Name Of All?

Top Benefit Of The Ultimate Domain Name

The ability to convey relevancy to your potential customer during their crucial decision making time frame.

Instantly convey to your website visitor:

"I have exactly what you want right now".


The Ultimate Domain Name FOR YOU = Conveys This Message To YOUR prospective customers/clients.

Illustration 1 ; "Bike"


 Domain Names For Sale on this Domain Name Marketplace, DomainName.ForSale




Is Bike.Boutique more or less valuable than other comparative domain names for sale right now on the various domain name marketplaces i.e., specifically, "Bike" combined with other gTLD extensions?


Check domain name marketplaces:

Large Marketplace(s)


Uniregistry Market






Small Marketplace(s):




The best and fastest way to know if a domain name is for sale:

= simply type the domain name into your URL window/Address bar.

= if the domain name is, indeed, for sale; it will likely redirect to one of the domain name marketplaces or some type of landing page that states that it is for sale.

= there may be a Price posted or a "Make Offer" button or a "Get Quote" form or the Seller's Email Address Contact


Often times the Buyer will know at least one word that he or she must have in a domain name but, can't decide what should be the second word.

For example:

Fatima has a bike shop so, she knows that it would be logical to have the word "Bike" in her domain name and she wants it to be the first word i.e. the word before the dot. But, what gTLD extension should she combine with "bike"?


In some instances; only one or two gTLDs = right for the buyer so, there is an added value here that is specific to the given buyer. This is an unknown variable that will only come into play when that buyer decides that he or she must have a very specific domain name.


In other instances the buyer may be able to develop a website/business/brand with any one of several domain names i.e. is willing and able to combine "Bike" with any one of a few gTLD extensions.


The word "Bike" can logically be combined with many of the gTLD extensions; but each one:

= evokes a different emotion

= targets a different market

= suggests a different type of website/business/brand

= is relevant to a different potential customer looking for something very specific


Fatima has some domain name shopping to do!


Before she shops for a domain name for sale; she should have a clear understanding of who her target market is.


Domain names for sale with "Bike" before the dot + various gTLD extensions after the dot, now listed on various marketplaces:






Real Question:

Is the gTLD extension .boutique “better” than all the other gTLDs for YOU, your business, your product or service, etc.? Which one is right for Fatima?


The answer is highly dependent on the target market - target demographic - target customer.



= appeals to elite shoppers

= evokes luxury

= indicates exclusivity, speciality


Luxury shoppers spend more money than average shoppers.




= would be the “better”, more valuable domain name if you want to appeal to luxury shoppers i.e. perhaps sell high priced, custom designed bikes.


Bike.Rentals or Bike.Exchange

= would be the “better”, more valuable domain name if you have a bike rental company or bike exchange business and/or brand, which, by the way, is a growth market; once only enormously popular at tourist resorts and locales - bike rentals are now favored and in demand.



= would be the "better", more valuable domain name if you are an expert that offers valuable, needed info on bikes. This is only one way Bike.Expert can be utilized. Various other uses for this particular domain name exist, as demonstrated by the over 20 pages of search results when searching the 2 word phrase "bike expert" in google.


Stay tuned for Fatima's decision.


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