1. If I inquire about a domain name, am I obligated to buy it?

No. Certainly not. No strings attached to any inquiry; quote requests, etc.


2. If I make an offer on domain name, am I required to purchase it?

No. You may change your mind. Initial offers are NON-binding aka "Indicative".


3. What is an "Non-Binding Offer"?

 A Non-Binding Offer =  An Indicative Offer = an offer that you may, possibly, be willing to consider paying a certain amount of money for a particular domain name. It is NOT definitive. All initial offers are "Indicative". Nothing is definite until you decide, definitely, that you absolutely, positively want to acquire the domain name and are willing to pay an agreed upon price, etc. You are NOT obligated to buy the domain name just because you want to find out if the seller will consider taking your offer. So, No Worries!



4. I need a domain name now. You have one that suits me perfectly but, I don't have a lot of money to spend right now.

Payment Plans are a great option. Escrow.com, which you may decide to use for your escrow service, has payment plans. It is called Domain Name Holding Escrow https://escrow.com/services/domain-name-holding-escrow.aspxGo to the Finance Domain Name page on this website to learn more.


5. The price for a domain name is different than what it was the last time I looked on this website. Why?

We strive to keep the listed price i.e. "asking price" fair and on point with market demand. The market fluctuates. Supply and demand changes. Domain name prices may reflect these factors. Prices are subject to change at any time however; we strive to be as consistent as possible with regard to pricing. If a change in price is going to happen, it is most likely to take place when the prices are reviewed, at 30 day intervals; i.e. 

01 February 2018;

01 March 2018



6. What is a domain name landing page?

Domain name landing page = aka a url "redirect"

= the web page that you land on when you type the domain name in the url address box aka address bar aka url bar (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Address_bar). 


For example; when you type "fashion.boutique" or "www.fashion.boutique" into the address bar of your browser (the bar on the very top of your webpage)

= you land on the following web page:


This is called a url redirect.

The domain name (in this example; the domain name "fashion.boutique") = redirects and lands on a page that lets you know that this particular domain name is for sale.


7. What are the big background images on DomainName.ForSale website?

We change these images every so often, in an effort to showcase the world's most brilliant cities. (In the order that they appear on the website):

 1. Seoul, South Korea

 2. Shanghai, China

 3. Chicago, United States

 4. Doha, Qatar

 5. London, England

 6. New York, United States

 7. Osaka, Japan

 8. Vegas, United States

 9. Paris, France

10. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

11. Stavalger, Norway

12. Mumbai, India

13. Vienna, Austria

14. Warsaw, Poland

15. Sydney, Australia

16. Cologne, Germany

17. Singapore

18. Budapest, Hungary

19. Venice, Italy

20. Boston, United States

21. Prague, Czech Republic

22. Madrid, Spain