frequently asked questions

1.  How do I negotiate the price of a domain name for sale ?

Follow these easy instructions:


The 1st Step 

= Request A Price

You can counter- offer and engage in negotiations with no obligation.


2.  How do I acquire a domain name for sale ?

Follow these easy instructions:


3.  If I Request a Price on a domain name for sale; am I obligated to actually acquire the domain name for sale?

No. Not At All. You may "think about it" for as long as you please.

Be sure to keep in mind; however, that the Price Quote, itself, may have an expiration time and/or date. 

You can respond; "Yes, I will buy this domain name for sale" and then change your mind. 

You can reply, "No thank you".

You are encouraged to make a Counter Offer and Negotiate. 


4. If I make an Offer on domain name for sale, am I required to actually buy?

No. Initial offers are NON-binding aka "Indicative" aka You are NOT obligated..


5.  What is an "Non-Binding" Offer?

 A Non-Binding Offer =  An Indicative Offer = is an offer of money that you MAYBE, possibly, be willing to consider paying for a particular domain name. It is NOT definitive. All initial offers are "Indicative". Nothing is definite until you decide, definitely, that you absolutely, positively want to acquire the domain name and are willing to pay an agreed upon price. You are NOT obligated to buy the domain name just because you want to find out if  your offer will be accepted or what the asking price is. 


6.  I need a domain name. You have one that suits me but, I don't have money. I am a student and want to start a Non-Profit.

Payment Plans are a great option. Escrow Service has payment plans.

The payment plan is referred to as " Domain Name Holding Escrow "


7.  What is a domain name landing page?

Domain name landing page = aka a url "redirect"

= the web page that you land on when you type the domain name in the url address box aka address bar aka url bar ( 


For example; when you type "" or "" "  into the address bar of your browser (the bar on the very top of your webpage)

= you land on the following web page:

This is called a url redirect.

The domain name (in this example; the domain name for sale, " ")

= redirects

= lands on a page that lets you know that this particular domain name is, INDEED, for sale.