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"Exact-Match"* (Scroll down to see Definition and Use In Everyday Language)

Word before the dot + Word after the dot

(Domain name without the dot)

= "general contractors"

= Exact match

= Actual 2 word phrase used in everyday language

= Keyword phrase / Familiar search term

*An exact match domain, or EMD, is a domain name that is highly relevant to the content of your website and more specifically, exactly matches the keyword(s) a person uses when searching for your content.


"Category Killer"*

Enables you to enter the marketplace and be a leader in the industry - IMMEDIATELY.

Squash your competition and become the definitive Industry Leader - THE General Contractors - INSTANTLY.

*"Category Killer" domain names = Drastically increase Commerce Potential (level of ease with which the domain name can effectively sell a product or service)


Keyword rich

"General" = Popular keyword  i.e. Google search word

"Contractor" / "Contractors" = Very popular keyword i.e. Google search word

"General contractors = Very popular keyword phrase i.e. Google search term (Scroll down to see Search Volume data)


Clear, Memorable

Meaning of your business and website = Clear

Domain name, business name, website name = Memorable


Inherent brand

Your domain name = Your INSTANT brand name

"General Contractors" = Your INSTANT brand name


Innate business name

Your domain name = Your INSTANT business name

"General Contractors" = Your INSTANT business name


Ideal service name

Your domain name = Your INSTANT service name

"General Contractors" = Your INSTANT service name


Structural build out = viable i.e. Add subdomains


Name1.General.Contractors, Name2.General.Contractors, Name3.General.Contractors

City1.General.Contractors, City2.General.Contractors, City3.General.Contractors


Is "General Contractors" relevant to YOU and your business?


(Average Number Of) Search Queries 

SLD (Second Level Domain) 

= Word before the dot

= “general” 

= average of 165,000 SEARCH QUERIES FOR "GENERAL” per month GLOBALLY, in the last 12 months. (Google, Global)

= average of 49,500 search queries for “general” per month in US, in the last 12 months. (Google, US)



SLD (Second Level Domain) + gTLD (generic Top Level Domain)

= Word before the dot + Word after the dot

= “general” + “contractors”

= “general contractors” 

= average of 3,600 SEARCH QUERIES FOR "GENERAL CONTRACTORS” per month GLOBALLY, in the last 12 months. (Google, Global)

= average of 2,900 search queries for “general contractors” per month in US, in the last 12 months. (Google, US)


*Search Volume Data From Google Adwords Keyword Planner


Save Time 

Perceived as Authoritative, Credible and Trustworthy IMMEDIATELY upon utilization of Domain Name.


Save Money

General.Contractors will enable you to receive Organic SEO. You will naturally rank high in search results; as opposed to paying for advertisements.


When your business/brand/website = shows up in the organic search results = you are perceived as having a very high degree of authority, authenticity and trust.


The mere existence of the domain name and website, General.Contractors, will result in Type-In Traffic. Visitors will land at your website by entering the keyword "general" or "contractor"/"contractors" or the keyword phrase "general contractors" or the domain name, "General.Contractors", in the web browser's address bar and/or search engine's search box.


General.Contractors = positions you as an Industry Leader - THE definitive General Contractors - in the marketplace INSTANTLY.


Traditional costs to just do business, i.e. enter the marketplace, are staggering. Traditional avenues to credibility and authority involve years of existence in the marketplace and/or millions spent on branding and various advertsing and marketing. 


Due to little or no need for expenditure on advertising, marketing, branding; you SAVE an unlimited amount of money.


Earn Money

Clear meaning and Memorability of what your product or service is or does = Targets, attracts and helps retain your desired customer or contributor. You EARN an limitless amount of money.


The attention span of the average human is 8 seconds. Be Clear. Be Memorable. The name of your website, business, brand, product and/or service = must be Memorable. The problem that it solves for the consumer = must be Clear.


"General Contractor"

Definition and Use in Everyday Language

General contractor


From Wikipedia

A general responsible for the day-to-day oversight of a construction site, management of vendors and trades, and the communication of information to all involved parties throughout the course of a building project.


The general contractor is a manager, and possibly a tradesman, employed by the client on the advice of the architect, engineer or the architectural technologist or the client him/herself if acting as the manager. A general contractor is responsible for the overall coordination of a project.....



a person who contracts for and assumes responsibility for completing a construction project and hires, supervises, and pays all subcontractors