Your domain name is your asset - pivotal and infinitely formidable.

 Virtual Real Estate.


Global Authority, Trust and Recognition.

Market Position of Ascendancy or Dominance.



Negotiation In 3 Steps



Request A Price



Assess Price



Counter-Offer or Assent to Price

 You may or may not decide to agree to the price quoted.

 You are encouraged to counter-offer; especially if you do not feel comfortable with the price quoted.

Responding to a Price Quote with a Counter-Offer 

is a common occurrence with regard to Domain Acquisitions; as this initiates the Negotiation Process.

Price Quotes are valid for 5 Business Days only.

Do not miss the opportunity to negotiate the price in your favor.

Smart individuals respond promptly - usually with a counter-offer.

You are not obligated. Counter-offers are Non-Binding.

Initial communication is via Email.

You may continue to communicate via Email

 to assent or counter-offer and negotiate.

Alternatively; you may prefer and request further or additional communicate via other channels

i.e. Phone, Text, Video Chat or Instant Message - which will be made available to you.

 Moderately combative opposition is supported in negotiations.

Your intelligent perspectives are valued and appreciated.

  "Back and forth" of initial Price Quote i.e. the asking price of the domain name for sale,

followed by a counter-offer (from prospective Buyer or Representative);

then a counter-offer (from Seller or Representative);

as well as another counter-offer (from prospective Buyer or Representative)

 is typical in negotiation.

 You may or may not come to an agreement and/or mutual compromise.


 All Communication and Correspondence in Negotiations

are Non-Binding and Private.