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Are you a "domainer" - a domain name investor?


Do you want to sell a gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) or perhaps you have an entire portfolio?


Sell a single domain name or your entire domain name portfolio on DomainName.ForSale.


Harness the potential of having a credible, professional website address for all or any one of the domain names in your domain name portfolio to be found, showcased and sold.


There is NO FEE whatsoever to list as few or as many domain names as you like.


You DO NOT have to redirect your domain name to DomainName.ForSale. You may prefer to redirect i.e. have a parking page/landing page/for sale page with one of the larger domain name marketplaces and/or cash parking services.


That's OK. You can also be listed on DomainName.ForSale - for free.


We focus on only ICANN Era gTLDs.


We promote the most notable domain names, regardless of who the seller is, in our Articles, How-To-Guides and elsewhere.


One of primary goals is to stimulate the consumer's overall awareness of gTLDs. We strive to educate businesses and individuals on why new gTLD domain names have such incredible value and unbeatable benefits.


We do not "critique" your portfolio before "accepting" it, etc. We already know that you are probably a genius by virtue of acquiring the gTLDs early. The only thing we ask is that your domain name is a new gTLD with a single word before the dot. There are some exceptions to this single word expectation - i.e. double words, such as realestate, domainname, etc.


Since we list only gTLDs; potential buyers are not confused by or even presented with .com domain names or any domain name with an extension that is not an ICANN Era gTLD.


If your gTLD extension (what is after the dot) is not listed on this website; we will add the extension.


All inquiries for your domain name for sale can be set up to be immediately forwarded to an email address that you provide as your contact email if you want to be your own self-broker. 


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