"WHOIS" the Domain Name Seller?

A Domain Name Owner / "Registrant" that wants to sell their domain name will direct or "redirect" their domain name to "land" on a web page; usually a domain name marketplace that indicates that the domain name is, indeed, for sale.


Enter the domain name for sale (that you think or hope will be for sale) into your Address Bar.

(NOT the Search Field)


If you "land" on a page that indicates the domain name is for sale; YAY! 

The domain name owner / Registrant = the only person that has access to the configuration records that make a domain name redirect to a particular web page. In order to do this; he will change the name servers or assign a 301 redirect to the domain name. Regardless; if a domain name for sale goes to a landing page - for example, to a domain name marketplace like Uniregistry Market or Sedo or this smaller marketplace, DomainName.ForSale - you can, rest assure, the domain name owner / Registrant is responsible for and in total control of this redirect and is, indeed, listing their domain name for sale.


See and Learn WHOIS the Owner/Registrant of a Domain Name For Sale

1.  The extension i.e. the word after the dot (example .boutique, .design, .social etc.) = indicates the domain name's "Registry". (Each "Registry" maintains several domain name extensions).


2.  Each "Registry" = has a WHOIS database = contains wealth of info regarding the queried domain name (including the domain name owner, expiration / renewal date of the domain name, current registrar and more).


3.  Query the "Registry" WHOIS database to see and/or verify the name, address, phone, email, etc. of the Domain Name Owner i.e the "Registrant".


The Shortcut, Easy Way To Access Any WHOIS Database:

Enter the following into your url/address bar:  

whois.nic.(the extension)


= "whois.nic.boutique"

=  the proper Registry's WHOIS database

= Donuts WHOIS database





Let's Query a Domain Name! (check out the data and learn all kinds of info!)

Access the Donuts WHOIS database (Looks like the image above):


1.  Make sure "Domain" is selected from the 3 choices / the 3 orange circles - i.e "Domain" or "Registrar" or "Name Server"  (Domain is selected by default).


2  Enter the domain name that you want to query - i.e. get info about - into the white box under "WHOIS managing that domain?"

Hit "Enter" on your keyboard or Click the Blue Box that reads "Look It Up".


3. Check out your results page! 


Do your due diligence when buying a domain name. 

Verifying "WHOIS" the owner of a domain name assures that you are, indeed, dealing with the domain name

owner/registrant/seller and/or their representative/broker.

For a completely worry-free acquisition; we highly recommend utilizing the world class escrow service, Escrow.com.



All the (Clever) Registrants - i.e. the Top Domainers In The World